Accounting and Bookkeeping

Whether we are delivering daily reports to your inbox or creating one time ad-hoc solutions for you; JE is committed to delivering what you need, when you need it and doing it at a fair price.

We can streamline your bookkeeping and keep you current!

  • Bank Reconciliations   <more...>
  • Bill pay and Follow-ups  <more...>
  • Adjust and Post your Receivable & Payable accounts
  • Ledger analysis
  • Fixed Asset Accounting
  • Inventory Analysis and Projections <see our Inventory Analysis and Optimization Services>
  • see our Payroll Offering

Clients with straight forward transactions and low volumes view bookkeeping as a mere formality in the preparation of a tax return and next years budget.  These firms usually have systems in place to track transactions and inventory accurately enough to allow operations to continue unabated. For these firms we perform quarterly or annual work that can include posting accruals, depreciating fixed assets, inventory and ledger analysis and issuance of compiled financial reports for the period in question (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow).

Other clients would like for their books to be reconciled and scrubbed more often but can't afford the luxury.  These clients repeatedly find themselves either spending inordinate amounts of time "keeping the books" or wasting money on bank fees, late fees and the implied interest costs of supplier lines of credit. A NO-WIN situation for sure:  either keep your books straight and ignore your 'real' job or concentrate on your business and let the accounting chips fall where they may.  Of course, you can spend every waking hour doing both but surely at some point family and personal relationships will suffer.  Ouch! 

We can help!  JE Accounting Services is confident that the most secure, quickest and cheapest way to deliver scrubbed accounting data to you is by staying engaged with your operations on a daily basis. Yes!  We said Daily.<see Robotic Accounting>

Need a CPA to verify inventories or to confirm receivables for a bank loan?

  • Agreed Upon Procedures provide a way of verifying and reporting on certain accounts or physical assets without engaging in a more expensive and extensive GAAP Audit
  • As a licensed CPA firm we are able to provide you with Assurance Services that Banks, Investors and Vendors rely upon

Bank Reconciliations  *For our Brokerage and Margin account reconciler(s) please  <see here...> 

Our bookkeeping clients will 

  • Daily Cash Reconciliation
  • Identify:
    • un-cashed checks
    • missing or misapplied deposits
    • unauthorized wire transactions
  • Track reconciliation items by
    • Specific ID - Check Number, Journal Number or pre-defined concatenation.
    • On Date- The date a difference item appeared
    • Off Date- 'Open' or the date a difference item clears off
    • Currency
    • Source- Whose error is it? Bank or Firm
    • Affected- Does the Bank need to action something or does the Firm?
    • Cash Direction- From your firms perspective
    • Other firm side data
      • Payee / Payor
      • PO Number / Ticket Number
      • inventory tags and others
  • Detect and prevent excess bank charges and ensure that transactions are posted correctly by your bank.
  • Detect and prevent embezzlement of funds from within your company.
  • Protect yourself. By timely and promptly objecting to your bank about unauthorized, fraudulent or forged checks presented to your bank. This reason to reconcile alone should be enough. 
  • Sleep Better. The peace of mind and 'financial confidence' gained from knowing your businesses books are up to date and stored securely away can be huge. 

Bill Pay and Follow up

  • You can send bills via
    • regular post
    • e-mail
    • scan to a designated folder on your favorite cloud storage service
    • upload scanned documents using our secure client portal.
      • "Our Client Portal is the Most Secure Client Portal available on the market."  <read more...>
  • We will verify bank balances and calculate projected balances before scheduling payments.
  • We will notify you immediately if we see or project a negative balance at your bank.
  • We can handle multiple cash accounts, compensating balances, and restricted cash
  • Payments are made and verified with vendors
  • Original Bills, notices and record of payments are returned to you with details clearly marked
  • Bank and Credit cards.
    • Detailing charge card activity is a HUGE help when constructing budgets or filing taxes
    • We will analyze line item charges on your card
    • Search for duplicate and fraudulent charges
    • Properly account for and post entries to your ACE Money, Mint, Quicken or other software

Unlimited Consultations

We want to make certain that our clients are completely satisfied with our work.  We offer consultation anytime to ensure you fully understand how to interpret and utilize the financial information we provide. Our consultations are already included in our price, so please feel free to call us whenever you have a question or concern.

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