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JE Accounting Services, PLLC is a CPA firm licensed in the State of Texas.  The firm offers clients traditional accounting services, custom software development and assorted advisory services.

  • We are excited at the prospect of working with clients and helping them plan and maintain a smooth running back office.
  • We have experience, and admittedly enjoy, transforming a ‘shoebox’ full of receipts into financial statements, tax returns and meaningful management level reports. We look forward to getting you caught-up and keeping you current.
  • Our experience has led us to conclude that most accounting software packages have severe limitations on the number and flexibility of ‘canned’ reports offered. We can custom tailor and automate any number of management level, complex inventory and cash reconciliation reports for your specific needs.
  • We have confidence that by combining common sense IT development and basic accounting rules we will be able to offer our clients Practical and Personalized solutions at a reasonable price.
  • We offer unbiased guidance and can highlight the merits and downfalls of using Quickbooks, Xero, FreshBooks, or even Excel spreadsheets.
  • We will work to help keep your records accurate, timely and in good order. We help you implement practical policies and procedures that should lower your overall accounting expense and significantly decrease exposure to ugly financial ‘surprises’.
  • You can be confident that the services we offer will be practical and shrewd.

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JE Accounting Services, PLLC, Accountants  Certified Public, Dallas, TX

Our Mission
To lessen our client's back office burdens and boost their financial confidence.
Why JE
JE has confidence that by combining common sense IT development and basic accounting rules our clients can be offered practical solutions at a reasonable price
For over 20 years Joe has worked for two prominent billion+ dollar hedge funds. One, a