MS Office and SQL Solutions

JE Accounting Services has deep experience leveraging VBA with SQL development to ease back-office workflows. 

Things we have come to Know:

  1. Any specialized reporting for government agencies or investors should be given with caution.
  2. When a government agency requests documents or a report it very rarely ends with that one request.  
  3. These same agencies usually end up asking for the same information but for different periods or product lines.  
  4. It is vital to keep in mind that each and every iteration you give them has to make sense and 'add-up' when compared side by side to the other reports you've given them. 
  5. Rarely can these repots be generated from one sole system.
  6. Normally these ad-hoc reports are pieced together with numerous links to in house systems, spreadsheets and desktop databases.

Please allow JE Accounting Services to help strengthen the links between mission critical reports.

♦ Are your spreadsheets so over complicated that you are scared to have anyone touch it?

♦ Do you have to remember where all the manual inputs go or which columns to sort and sum? 

Don't do this to yourself or your staff!   JE can definitely help.

  • We can strengthen and enhance spreadsheet links.
  • Provide dynamic dropdown lists, database queries, report parameters and macros.
  • VBA procedures and specialized functions that can be called directly from the Excel Menu.

♦ At the minimum we can put in some well thought out 'Exception Reports' that can alert you to errors in logic, incomplete data or inconsistency with other reports / data. 

Are you tired of endless spreadsheet maintenance?  Are you stuck with inconsistent, buggy or unreliable processes?  JE Accounting Services can help!

  • Rescue, Recover or Re-Work spreadsheets left behind by former employees.
  • Clean up and consolidate ‘Too Big to Fail’ spreadsheets.
  • Ensure your mail merges, spreadsheet links and databases retrieve the correct data, process correctly and format the same every time.
  • We can help you with links between data sources and office applications.
  • Incorporate advanced SQL procedures, function calls and logical mappings so reports are reliable, secure and FAST each and every time.
  • Leverage well placed VBA code across popular MS Office products (Excel, Word, Access, Outlook, and even PowerPoint).
  • Create hybrid solutions that are robust, almost unbreakable and easy to update.
  • We can help re-work your spreadsheets to take full advantage of standard built in functions.
  • We design and write custom functions to make complicated calculations easy to follow and easy to audit.
  • We are very familiar with Access and FileMaker Pro. We design, implement and can even maintain desktop databases for your small business.
  • We don’t proclaim to be DB administrators but we are experienced working with T-SQL and calling SQL procedures directly from Excel and Word.
  • The specialized systems in your shop are great (I sincerely hope)  but not until solid integration of your systems (i.e. Databases, Spreadsheets, Contact listings etc...) can any real benefit be realized.

We love pivot tables and can help you leverage your reporting needs using this great tool!

Please call us today (214) 890-4069. We are happy to offer you a free consultation.